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Out of Home Billboard Design

In 2012, Lamar GRAPHICS was seeking an outsourcing partner to help with billboard design for their company and the steadily increasing creative demands in their Art Department. With consistent growth over 12 years, and their capacity to onboard new artists reaching its height, they knew they needed to find another solution to meet their production demands and lower costs.

graphic designers working on billboard design for a company

The Problem (Billboard Design for a Company) & Our Solution

They engaged with Personiv’s creative services team to take on a portion of their workload, and the relationship grew from there. Now, Personiv graphic design teams create out-of-home billboards for Lamar clients with a group of nearly 20 designers, producing upwards of 2,000 billboard designs per month.

“By outsourcing, we are able to keep our in-house team at a more manageable size and give our artists the time and attention they need to do the best work. From the beginning, our relationship with Personiv allowed us to see how other companies manage their large art departments and we have been able to incorporate some of those practices into our own workflow,” Barb Braud, Art Director, Lamar Graphics said.

Lamar works with the Personiv Philippines creative team in Manila—something they attribute to excellent quality due to the similarities between the cultures of the Philippines and the United States, noting the difference between Personiv and other providers as “most evident in color pallet and tribal knowledge.”

Since engaging with our creative team, Lamar has added the service of billboard monitoring to ensure that their digital boards are functioning. This service is provided 24/7, 365 with a team of four FTEs. Lamar credits the reason for their ongoing relationship with Personiv to a Personiv’s commitment to a full partnership, instead of just an outsourcing contract.

“Personiv has been very helpful in guiding us along the road of outsourcing. Everyone we work with has been more than cooperative whenever issues arise and are quick to remedy problems. Personiv has accommodated our requests and is eager to provide a consistent satisfactory product and a value to our team,” Braud said.

An Extension of Your Team

“When we first started outsourcing graphics work, we didn’t know what to expect. There were concerns about job losses, work quality, and how an outsourced team would fit in our workflow. What actually happened is the partnership helped our team work more efficiently and continue to grow in ways we couldn’t without using Personiv. No one lost their job and in fact, we have continually added to our team while increasing our work volume with Personiv.”

Barb Braud, CAP | Art Director, Lamar Graphics

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