Back Office

Back Office

We are saving you time and money by bringing efficiency back to back office.

From accounting support and data entry to transaction support and admin tasks, we’ve got you covered with high-service flexibility, speed, efficiency and quality. We create customized solutions to deliver customized results, setting you up for long-term, managed success.

Don’t let admin tasks overtake productivity

Our People, Your Priorities

At first, administrative work may not seem like a lot to handle. As companies scale, however, it can become overwhelming and soon compete as one of the biggest challenges they face. And though ever-present concerns like sales and marketing tend to keep business leaders up at night, often they are spending too much time on the wrong tasks, while strategic work remains undone. The solution? Leave the admin tasks to the professionals so you can focus on your business-critical, strategic work.

  • Data Entry & Processing
  • Transaction Support
  • SEO/Online Reputation

Bringing Back Office Efficiency

Empower Efficiency

We’ll build you a back-office team that feels like an extension of your own with skilled professionals that will share your values for a great culture fit within your organization. With a transition process that keeps you in control, you’ll rest assured knowing you’ve entrusted your back-office operations to a team that’s as invested in your business as you are.

Save Money in Back Office

Save more than money

We deliver 50-75 percent cost savings for the clients we’ve developed long-term partnerships with, allowing them to reinvest that resource back into the company and watch it grow. You’ll also be free to reinvest your valuable time when you leave back office operations like data entry and bookkeeping support to us, too.

Focus in Back Office

Focus on what matters

Leadership is a dynamic role that requires the ability to focus on what’s next – which ideas to nurture and what strategies to implement. Personiv partners with organizations to provide solutions that allow for a return to a focus on core competencies. We work with executives acting as both stewards and strategists to keep them focused on what matters.

People-Powered Back Office Operations

Data entry

Thorough documentation is an essential part of any business, but it often eats into time that’s better spent on work that adds value. Let Personiv take it off your plate and into the capable hands of our talented team members.

Transaction Support & Order Processing

We’ve processed a few transactions here at Personiv – over 13 Million in the last year alone. Let an offshore team member take over so you can stop waiting on transaction processing, and finally get back to work.

Data Collection & Processing

You probably didn’t get into business for the spreadsheets. We have skilled Excel pros that can collect, organize and process data for you – so all you have to focus on is turning it into actionable insights.

Market Research

For your business to grow, you have to know where it should go. Market research represents a time investment many organizations can’t afford to spend time on, but can’t afford to skip, either. We’ll get it off the backburner so you can go full steam ahead.

Accounting Support

Our full-range of accounting tasks support all areas of accounting from AP & AR all the way to General Accounting and Tax Support. Discover all of our F&A outsourcing solutions.

Ready to go beyond back office and achieve real growth?

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