Personiv Gurugram Earns PCI Compliance Certification

Personiv Gurugram Earns PCI Compliance Certification for Enhanced Security

Personiv, a global leader in business process outsourcing, announced today that it has attained PCI Compliance Certification at their Gurugram site, which specializes in customer care support, via third-party certifying body Panacea Infosec. The PCI DSS Version 3.2 certification allows Personiv team members to take personal information and credit cards via phone and demonstrates Personiv’s commitment to the protection and safety of its customers.

“We strive to provide not only an efficient and cost-saving solution to our clients, but also, a secure and stress-free experience,” David Lesniak, CEO said. “As a leading provider of customer support, this certification allows us to bring more services to our customer care offering while showing our deep commitment to the trust, security and confidentiality that our clients have come to expect.”

Personiv’s customer care services include call center/phone support, email, chat and social media monitoring, as well as sales solutions. Personiv’s detailed up-front process ensures a seamless and delightful customer experience that focuses on the client’s brand, providing a customized approach that is both effective and secure.

“The security of our customers’ personal information is the top priority of everyone at Personiv, starting with our agents on the floor,” Vishal Bora, EVP & site head, Personiv Gurugram, said. “Our recent PCI Certification is a representation of the way we handle data every day, and we look forward to further building our services as we bring ‘People Powered Outsourcing’ to companies across the globe.”

PCI compliance is active for one year from certification and requires 12 PCI compliant requirements to be met in order to insure security goals that protect data, encrypt transmission and test security systems. Personiv’s certification was completed through Panacea InfoSec, which is an approved PCI Security and Auditing Company.

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