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Flexible Accounting Solutions

Optimize your finance operations and save +50% with our outsourced accounting teams

At Personiv, we understand the challenges of managing a busy finance department. Month-end close deadlines, overwhelming transactional work, and resource constraints can hinder your team's ability to focus on strategic initiatives.

Make the most of what your people bring to the table by letting them do what they do best.

Starting with as few as one dedicated professional, we can significantly reduce your team's workload while cutting costs. Discover how partnering with Personiv can transform your finance and accounting processes, freeing up your team to concentrate on what they do best. Reach out today to learn more about our customizable solutions designed to fit your specific needs.

Ready to enjoy better productivity and cost savings at the same time?

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A Proven Track Record

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Our People. Your Priorities.

We’re experts in delivering high-quality finance and accounting solutions tailored to your specific business needs. We don’t just fill roles; we secure, train, and retain top-tier professionals who are skilled and ready to deliver exceptional results and service.

Finance & Accounting

Master productivity in your finance department with solutions that include procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, and record-to-report – all starting with teams as small as one.


We'll partner with you to complete accounts payable and receivable tasks quickly and efficiently so your team can focus on the important things.


Financial Planning & Analysis is an essential part of any working accounting team. Let us take FP&A and reporting off your hands while you strategize and grow.

Back Office

Do more with your time by doing less back office rework. Personiv's back office solutions go beyond data entry and include operations like transaction and bookkeeping support.

People-Powered Solutions

We use a specialized approach to create a custom action plan for your organization's unique goals and needs.
We hire, train, and retain skilled professionals and position them as an addition to your own onsite team.
Our talent produces high-quality work and delivers it efficiently and consistently to your performance standards.

Savings for You

Reclaim your valuable time and enjoy +50 percent cost-savings. Get back to what matters - your core business.

Our custom solutions put your goals within reach. Want to master productivity in your finance department? Searching for a way to scale your team efficiently? Looking for a partner expertise you can rely on? We can do all of that and more.

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Why Personiv?

For almost 40 years, we've helped companies meet the changing needs of their business, forging legacy partnerships that span decades. Put Personiv's expertise to work for you, finding the talent you need and delivering the outcomes you want.

Experience & Nimble Execution

At nearly 3,000 employees and growing, Personiv is large enough to scale big programs, but small enough to offer nimble, one-on-one attention. Our process ensures that we will never miss a step so we can scale your program to match your goals.

Customized Programs

Each client’s program is individualized for their needs, goals, and success. We work within our clients’ tools and systems, while setting them up for long-term growth, giving individualized planning, attention, and follow-through.

Focus on Quality & Reduced Costs

One of the biggest concerns for companies starting to outsource is quality. At Personiv, we understand that your brand is the life blood of your organization, and your customers are your top priority. You don’t have to skimp on quality to decrease cost, and you don’t need to relinquish your processes and tools to outsource.

Top Industry Talent

We only hire, train, and retain the best talent in the areas where we work. Whether in our India or Philippines locations, Personiv is known as a top employer, allowing us to gain the best employees to work for our clients and saving time and money.

U.S.-Based Service

We offer each of our customers with an upper-level, dedicated program manager always ready to answer the call. Based in Austin, Texas, Personiv provides one-on-one service, giving you peace of mind while we focus on quality as you scale.

What Our Clients Say

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We see outsourcing as a partnership, not just a contract. Our culture is steeped in excellence with a quality stamp that can’t be duplicated. And although we have every credential you’re looking for (think ISO, PCI, the works) what makes our customers so loyal is our dedication to one-on-one service, our flexible approach, and our commitment to getting it right, the first time.

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