Why Personiv?

People Powered Solutions

We allow businesses to quickly add the specific skills and scale they need to meet their challenges.

Through our people-powered solutions, we hire, train and retain top talent with a customized plan perfect for your brand, delivering high-quality work quickly and effectively, while you enjoy COST SAVINGS OF UP TO 75%.

Whether you are looking to build your team, increase sales or master productivity, we can help you reach your goals so you can FOCUS ON WHAT REALLY MATTERS. Find out what makes us different.

  • 30-plus years experience outsourcing across a wide range of business functions
  • Processes developed and improved over numerous programs
  • Expertise at transitioning business functions from client organizations to Personiv
  • Maintaining quality and reducing costs
  • Creating a partnership that lasts
Nimble Execution - Why PersonivNimble Execution


At nearly 3,000 employees and growing, Personiv is large enough to scale big programs, but small enough to offer nimble, one-on-one attention. Our process ensures that we will never miss a step so we can scale your program to match your goals.

Customized Programs - Why PersonivCustomized Programs


Each client’s program is individualized for their needs, goals and success. We work within our clients tools and systems, while setting them up for long-term growth, giving individualized planning, attention and follow-through.

A Focus On Quality - Why PersonivA Focus On Quality


At Personiv, we understand that your brand is the life blood of your organization, and your customers are your top priority. You don’t have to skimp on quality to decrease cost, and you don’t need to relinquish your processes and tools to outsource.

Top Talent - Why PersonivA Focus On Quality


We only hire, train and retain the best talent in the areas where we work. Whether in our India or Philippines locations, Personiv is known as a top employer, allowing us to gain the best employees to work for our clients and saving time and money.

White Glove Service - Why PersonivWhite Glove Service


With access to senior management and individualized feedback, we offer each of our customers with the same high-level, white- glove service. Your program manager will be a dedicated resource, making sure that we’re always ready to answer the call.

U.S. Based Management - Why PersonivU.S. Based Management


We offer a dedicated account manager based right here in the U.S. to ensure that your program is running smoothly. Based in Austin, Texas, Personiv provides one-on-one service, giving you peace of mind while we focus on quality as you scale.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out video testimonials from our clients.