Future-Proof Your Finance Function

In tech’s rapidly evolving landscape, operational efficiency can mean the difference between hypergrowth and falling behind.  We enable a transformational finance function so technology companies can keep transforming everything else.
tech industry worker testing drone with blueprints provided by outsourcing company they work with

Let Us Focus on Your Finance & Accounting Needs

At Personiv, we understand the intricate financial needs of the technology industry and offer flexible outsourcing solutions to optimize your operations.

Optimized & Efficient

Improve operational efficiency for increased profitability.

Agility, Unlocked

Nimbly execute with tech-savvy teams that start as small as one.

Data-driven Decisions

Drive strategy forward by fully leveraging financial data & analytics.

Tech-agnostic Processes

Streamline accounting processes for every tech stack.

Explore our resource library for valuable technology industry finance and accounting content.

Ready for a solution that’s aligned to your goals, built to your specifications, and executed nimbly at up to half of current costs?