Leave the recruiting to us. With our permanent placement, contingent recruiting solution, we take care of the finding that perfect candidate, from sourcing to placement at a industry-leading, low cost per hire backed by 30 years of outsourcing experience.

Quality Hires at a Fraction of the Cost

Contingent Recruiting at an Industry-Leading 10%

Unlike other recruiting firms, whose fees can reach upwards of 30%, Personiv is able to offer placement fees as low as 10%, passing along cost savings directly to the client. With a smaller investment per hire, our clients are able to invest their savings into building their business, and with the time saved through outsourcing they can focus on goal-reaching strategic priorities.

Affordable contingent recruiting solutions

We offer dedicated, U.S.-based account management to facilitate permanent placement solutions at an industry-leading, 10% fee per hire. The best part? You don’t pay until your ideal candidate is placed. We source candidates, both passive and active, by targeting top talent across the country. We aim to find the perfectly matched candidate, who not only exceeds your requirements, but fits your company culture with the potential for growth.

An RPO you can trust

For more than 30 years, we’ve served clients in a variety of industries looking to optimize their bottom line with quality outsourced services. We provide efficiency, allowing our customers time to focus on what matters most. Our RPO services have cut sourcing time in half and dropped overall recruiting costs by 66% for clients in corporate HR Departments across the country. Find out all about our results and view testimonials by visiting personiv.com/clients.

White Glove Service

Each client is given an account manager that will provide exceptional, white-glove service for as long as you’re a customer, while our team of recruiters will stay dedicated to only your account, focused on landing the best candidates for your open reqs.