Financial Planning & Analysis

hero financial planning and analysis (fp&a) professional

Actionable insights mean less time spent on to-dos and more time spent doing what matters most.

When you can turn your focus toward strategy and increase agility, you can transform accounting tasks into meaningful progress. You can streamline the entire finance function — including FP&A — and you can do it all with Personiv.

Drive Growth with High-Impact Financial Planning & Analysis

Bring More to The Table With Data-Driven Insights

Imagine a finance function that drives organizational transformation and accelerates growth by propelling you toward your goals instead of acting as a cost center. With a standardized FP&A process from Personiv, it’s well within reach.  Our best-in-class onboarding, technologically agnostic approach, access to highly-skilled accounting experts and nimble execution are the key. Empower agility and deliver the insights your business needs to make the impactful decisions and strategic moves to outpace competitors and thrive in every economic landscape.

Leverage our decades of experience and expansive pool of expert accounting talent to transform the accounting department from cost center to value driver without missing a beat — all for up to 50 percent less than current spend. Start with a team as small as one. Our FP&A solutions grow alongside you.

  • Real-time Insights
  • Data-driven decisions
  • Financial expertise

Greater Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) Efficiency

Bottom-line Benefits

Progress doesn’t wait, so why should the strategy that will enable yours? Amplify the role of FP&A in value transformation with a cost-conscious solution from Personiv that brings expertise to your process without the prohibitive cost of hard-to-find stateside accounting talent.  Stop spending valuable resources on problems with the pipeline and clearing retention obstacles. We’ll help you invest it in future-focused finance initiatives instead.

  • Skilled CPAs at a fractional of U.S. cost
  • Unrivaled retention rates
  • Expensive silos, busted

Top Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) Talent

A Strategic Partner

Reduce planning cycles and gain access to data analysis that’s truly actionable with a team of accomplished, credentialed accounting professionals with years of experience in forecasting, analysis, financial modeling and more. We’ll customize your solution, with as few as a single accounting professional. We recruit best-in-class talent with the background, industry experience, dedicated skill set and proven track record best positioned to your needs. A solution from Personiv always feels like an extension of your in-house team.

  • Team members with decades of experience
  • GAAP-compliant accountants & experienced CPAs
  • A proven track record decades in the making

Forward Thinking Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A)

Tech-Agnostic, Tech-Enabled

Take technology initiatives off your plate with Personiv. We’ll work within your ERP or coordinate a seamless, secure migration to our own, working to ensure interoperability between whatever tools you choose, from RPA to reporting. Make your data work harder for you on the platform that works best for you with our cost-effective and agile approach that keeps you ahead of the technology curve without sacrificing that human touch.

  • A tech-savvy team on your tools (or ours)
  • Forecasts & reports done on any dashboard
  • Design, implement and manage tech initiatives with Personiv

Our Financial Planning & Analysis services


Have a better budget season experience with smart resource allocation support that sets the stage for success.


Do better than guess. Discover trends, drill down into data and identify revenue opportunities & expenditure obligations and associated impacts over time.

KPI Tracking

Monitor progress toward strategic goals with a solution that empowers deeper insight into organizational performance.

Variance Analysis

Access deviation deep-dives and compare planned financial behavior to outcome data with on-time analyses.

In-depth Reporting

Come to the table ready to strategize with timely, accurate and compliant reporting for internal and external stakeholders

You bring the Vision. We’ll bring the Solution. Together, We’ll transform Your finance function.

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