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Leaner, More Efficient Accounts Payable is Possible and the results are powerful. 

Every day, Personiv partners with companies to deliver AP solutions that are done right, at the right price – with teams that are just the right size. Organizations that see opportunity everywhere but can’t find talent. Teams hungry to innovate but starved for time. Companies ready to make the jump from the transactional work of bookkeeping to the tactical advantage of strategic accounting. Companies just like yours.

Optimized Accounts Payable, Far-Reaching Results

Unlock Efficiency Across your AP Process

Invoicing is inevitable. Complicated capture procedures and time-consuming tracking don’t have to be. What could your organization do with the time you spend each month receiving, processing, matching outgoing payments? Find out with an accounts payable solution that’s streamlined, efficient and timely – while you sleep. Focusing on what matters starts with a solution from Personiv that delivers efficiency from the moment you receive an invoice until the ink is dry on the final report.

An offshore solution with Personiv makes it possible. Our skilled accounting professionals can easily handle AP tasks with ease while you pivot toward decision-making that prioritizes growth.  Imagine what you can do with a partner that can deliver up to 75 percent cost-savings and hours of your valuable time back. Personiv helps make it a reality – all with a dedicated team of stateside-comparable talent that works just for you.

  • Your Technology or Ours
  • Teams as Small as One
  • A Long-term Strategic Partner

Greater Accounts Payable Efficiency

Tech-agnostic Solutions

Our tech-agnostic approach means we can meet you where you already are – there’s no lengthy, risky migration or expensive proprietary software to stand in the way of immediate results. So, no matter what ERP you’re using we can jump right in. And at Personiv, we hire experts skilled in technologies across the spectrum of the accounting landscape, so there’s no need to wonder if we can work in whatever system you’re using. The answer is yes. If you’re happy with your accounting platform, we’re happy to make it work harder for you. If you’re ready to update your technology and want some help with migration, we do that too. It’s all up to you.

  • People to power your technology
  • Your ERP or ours
  • Flexible, customized solutions

Top Accounts Payable Talent

U.S.-Compatible Top Talent

Leaner accounting starts with teams as small as one to shoulder the burden of transactional rework so in-house teams can focus on growth. Personiv only hires skilled GAAP-compliant professionals – including CPAs – to ensure the best fit for your team and deliver results that align with your goals. Sourcing AP talent in a scarce accounting talent market is expensive and can feel never-ending. We’ll take finding, training and retaining skilled AP professionals off of your to-do list for good. We take on hiring, training and retention so you don’t have to. Imagine stateside talent at an offshore cost. Personiv invests in our people, so they can invest in the work they do for you.

  • Dedicated professionals to support your team
  • GAAP-compliant accountants
  • Highly educated & experienced (CPAs)

Forward Thinking Accounts Payable

True Agility

Lean should never mean limited. Our clients come Personiv when they’re looking for solutions to help them grow. They partner with us for decades because our unique approach to outsourcing never stands in the way of that growth. Our white glove approach is proactive and flexible – evolving alongside your needs for whatever the future holds. We work with your technology, using your processes with your priorities in mind.  Personiv provides a solid foundation that’s never rigid. Whether you’re looking for a single team member in accounts payable or a suite of solutions across your finance departments, we can meet you where you are.

  • One-on-one white glove service
  • Teams available when you need them
  • Direct interaction with your accounting resource

Accounts Payable Solutions

Invoice Image & Storing

Let us take on the headache of organizing and storing invoices. Give your AP team meaningful work instead.

Invoice Approval

Get invoices out faster with a dedicated AP Specialist. We approve invoices and send them on their way.

Expense Allocation

No one wants to deal with allocating expenses. Let us take on allocation using your codes and process.

Online Payment Approval

Don’t let this approval process hold you up. Our team can get it done for you without the hassle.

Check Processing

Your team has so much to do; with remote work, check processing gets lost in the shuffle. Our U.S.-trained AP pros are ready to help.

We’re listeners. We want to know what Part of Your AP Process Would Benefit from A streamlined approach. Talk to Us about How an F&A solution with Personiv fits in.

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