Over 30 years of exceeding expectations and defining both short- & long-term success.

The tangible results we deliver – whether they include a customer care solution that yields a 99.7 percent customer satisfaction score or a team of finance and accounting professionals who can lower your invoicing time by 60% – are only possible because of the deep level of customization and case-by-case flexibility Personiv can offer. Isn’t it time you found a solution as unique to your company as the work it does?

Our Process Begins With You

We listen first, take the time to understand your goals, and customize our services to your needs.

From day one, Personiv works in tandem with your transition team to deliver a comprehensive onboarding experience that keeps you in control every step of the way. It all begins with an in-depth discovery process that allows Personiv to cultivate a deep understanding of your organization so we can treat your brand with the same care we give our own. From there, we work with you to create a customized go-live plan that centers your priorities and facilitates a smooth transition, while respecting your processes and safeguarding your information. Your management team remains with you from start-to-finish; ensuring a consistent point of advocacy and a reliable steward of your organization’s goals.


Conduct initial call to discuss specific goals and needs, including talent and skills required.

Process Development

Collectively develop and document a systematic, repeatable process.


Recruit, test and hire talent for your program, ensuring skills match the business need for best success.


Train your dedicated talent in the approved process as well as specific knowledge of your business.


Execute the program and provide agreed-upon deliverables.

Cost Savings Results

70% - Our Results



Thryv was looking to reduce cost while retaining quality. Once engaged with Personiv, they saw a savings of 70% on operational costs for their graphic design division. Between digital and print design, our services save time and money, allowing our clients to focus on growing their businesses. Our team produced more than 500,000 print ads last year alone for top creative companies in the industry like Thryv.

50% - Our Results



A top logistics provider in the oil and gas industry saved half on accounting costs by outsourcing invoicing tasks to Personiv. With a team of 18, we support them 7 days a week and in less than six months, we decreased their days to invoice from 6 to their goal state of 24 hours.

65% - Our Results



A major website design company came to Personiv to maximize their bottom line, while increasing their output of tens of thousands of websites each year. Personiv delivered, saving them 65% on operational cost, while providing quality website designs to their end customers and allowing them the time and money to put toward strategic priorities. Our team produced more than 85,000 websites last year alone.

What Our Clients Say

  • Personiv is more than a cost reduction strategy. They bring value to our relationship through continuous improvement and new ideas. Companies should partner with Personiv because they're experienced BPO providers. They'll invest in making sure that the program is successful. They have a talented management team assigned to each project – they're an extension of your team and have quality people.

    Rosemary Foreman
    Rosemary Foreman Assistant Vice President of Service and Digital Fulfillment, Thryv
  • We tried a couple of different markets and we landed on Personiv because their artwork and aesthetic really mimic the American aesthetic. Personiv is committed to offering quality service. They are true professionals and I am proud to partner with them.

    Barb Braud, CAP
    Barb Braud, CAP Art Director, Lamar Graphics
  • The decision to move to Personiv didn't come with a sacrifice in quality. In actual fact, the quality we are now getting with them is better than what we were getting when we were just handling it ourselves. The difference in Personiv is the people. The results we are getting for our customer are what tell the story of success.

    David Holihan
    David Holihan Chief Strategy Officer

Our clients include companies in a variety of industries, who have trusted us with their business processes for years and in some cases, decades.

At Personiv, we measure everything. In our 2019 customer satisfaction survey, we received a 99.72% quality rate direct from our customers with zero non-compliance on our delivery slas.