Your Property Accounting Partner

With streamlined, scalable real estate and property management accounting solutions you can stay focused on growth. Personiv builds solutions that streamline finance in the real estate industry and deliver cost savings to you without the hiring headaches.
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Key Features & Benefits

Stop Fighting Talent Battles

We find, hire, and retain the best talent to help you close the talent gap.

Reinvest Your Resources

Reduce staffing costs and streamline property finance cost savings of up to 50%

Access Industry Expertise

Dedicated accountants that specialize in everything from AP to audit prep to asset management.

Reporting Done Right

Ensure timely and accurate financial reporting for your entire portfolio.

Visit our finance and accounting resource library for a curated collection of insights for real estate and property finance leaders.


Staffing (But Better)

Get competitive strategies for using outsourcing to win big with our Private Equity Playbook

Ready to reduce costs and win the battle for real estate accounting talent? Talk to Personiv today to learn how we helped a growing industry leader put $25K back into their budget.