Accounting Expertise that Fuels Growth

In an evolving industry, you need a partner in transformation. Personiv partners with oil & gas industry leaders to provide virtual accounting solutions that enable smarter, faster decisions and maintain a competitive edge in today’s energy landscape.
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Key Features & Benefits

At Personiv, we understand the intricate financial needs of the oil & gas industry and offer flexible outsourcing solutions to optimize your operations.

Access Top Talent

Our designation as a Top Workplace and reputation for investing in our people helps us recruit and retain the best accounting talent - so you don't have to.

Revenue Optimization

Maximize revenue streams through effective financial planning.

Strategic Resource Reinvestment

We take transactional tasks off your plate, optimize disparate processes, and unlock efficiency so you can focus on core business and putting strategic initiatives into play.

Visit our finance and accounting resource library for a curated collection of insights for finance leaders in the oil and gas industry.


Cost Savings
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A top logistics provider in the oil and gas industry saved 50 percent on accounting costs by outsourcing their tasks to Personiv. With a team of 18 – and in less than six months – Personiv decreased the time of invoice from six days to 24 hours.

Ready to accelerate growth with an optimized finance function? Talk to one of Personiv’s oil and gas accounting experts today.​