Personiv awards

Fredricks John, EVP and Site Head Personiv Coimbatore – Sustainability Champion of the Year

Fredricks John, EVP and Site Head, Personiv Coimbatore was honored with the Sustainability Champion of the Year at the India Sustainability Summit & Awards 2019 held in Mumbai on 12th April, 2019.

Fred has been consistently taking initiatives to make a long-term sustainable difference in the world. He has led solar panels installation, tree plantation drives, Silambam classes, offered assistance to students, conducted blood donation camps every year and conducted a Polio eradication campaign through Rotary club.

On winning the award John said, “Our Pillar of Strength – Giving Back, has made us rub shoulders with some of the Top Companies in India on a platform that recognizes Sustainable Social Responsibility. It is the involvement of each and every one of our associates in the CSR activities we do that touches the lives of people in our communities. We not only give, we ensure that it is sustainable – be it in teaching Silambam (Martial Arts) as a mode of self-defense for children in Public Schools or planting and caring for trees for the future or erecting Solar Power Plants that keep giving back for 25 years! I would like to dedicate this award to all of us who continue to believe that it is important to Give Back!”

The India Sustainability Summit and Awards discusses how leadership from businesses could play a transformational role to design future development pathways, measure business value and share the imperativeness to achieve the SDGs. The Summit brings together key thinkers and business leaders, who have delivered and continue to deliver strategies, ideas, and solutions for a sustainable business and future. The Summit aims to enhance awareness on business models, tools, technologies, solutions, and approaches followed by the global leaders towards building sustainable economics.