Top points to consider before outsourcing digital

Digital Done Right: Top Points to Consider Before Outsourcing Digital

From reputation management and digital advertising to SEM and SEO, going digital is the only way to excel, grow and succeed. In fact, the rapid development in the field of technology and online media has made it necessary for businesses to focus on digital more than ever before. Download this white paper to discover how … Continued


High-performing tech support

Top 4 Strategies for High-Performing Tech Support

It’s a competitive world. With more and more competitors popping up every day, business leaders feel constant pressure to keep their businesses afloat while growing and scaling at break-neck speeds. Customers expect tech support to be omni-channel and always on, while they also want to feel taken care of with an above-and-beyond delivery. Download this … Continued


Investing in your people

Investing In Your People: Build Workplace Efficiency in 2019

What does it mean to invest in your people? It’s not all ping pong tables and happy hours. With just 32% of U.S. employees feeling engaged at work, according to Gallup, clearly there’s a disconnect. But how do you ensure that your employee engagement tactics are working? When it comes down to it, employees know … Continued


world-class candidate experience

The Best First Impression: How to Build a World-Class Candidate Experience

Recruiting may be the single most important element of any long-term corporate strategy. But as much as companies continue to invest heavily in human resources, competing to lure the best candidates remains a challenge. The answer? A top candidate experience that treats candidates like customers, improves communication and connects to your culture. Download this white … Continued


How BPaaS Can Provide the Efficiency You Need & Simplicity You Crave

A Better Way to Outsource: How BPaaS Can Provide the Efficiency You Need & Simplicity You Crave

Efficient accounting processes are vital for an effective department but many accounting leaders are bogged down by outdated systems and overwhelmed team members. BPaaS (Business Process as a Service) is one way that technology and outsourcing work together to solve a ton of issues facing accounting departments today. Download the white paper to find out if … Continued


Ready to outsource

Ready to Outsource: A Workbook on Selling Outsourcing to Your Leadership Team

Outsourcing remains the best way to save money and increase production at the same time. Learn how to sell outsourcing as a strategy to your leadership team and reap the benefits with our step-by-step guide. See if your team fits top outsourcing scenarios; answer questions and apply outsourcing to your business; prepare your pitch for your leadership team; and complete our Outsourcing Preparation Checklist.


trends in today's changing landscape

Finding & Retaining Top Talent: Trends in Today’s Changing Landscape

If you’re in HR, talent acquisition or recruiting, you know the market for top talent is more competitive than ever. In fact, research indicates that the current job market is 90% candidate driven. In this white paper, you’ll discover the top trends you need to know to stand out. Don’t get left behind. Download now.


Next-Level Outsourcing

Reimagining Sales Growth Through Next-Level Outsourcing

Year after year, organizations around the world find that the efficient and scalable management of sales teams remains a limiting factor. Seeking the ultimate solution, sales leaders turn to outsourcing to generating scalable value. Discover how outsourcing and sales fit together to unlock opportunities for immense growth in this white paper.


Finance & Accounting Mid-Market Game Changer

F&A BPaaS: A Game Changer for SMB and Mid-Market Companies

Our white paper, in partnership with Everest Group, explores how in today’s rapidly evolving global landscape, companies need flexibility, scalability and transparency in the F&A space. Find out how Business Process as as Service (BPaaS) is creating cloud-based solutions and changing the face of today’s mid-market businesses.


finance and accounting team Personiv

The Winning Blueprint for an Efficient & Effective Finance & Accounting Team

The backbone of any business is its accounting team. It guides today’s business leaders to make their most crucial decisions. But running an efficient accounting team can be tough when faced with out-of-date systems, transactional processes and scarce talent. Find out how to turn your F&A function into a competitive differentiator with our white paper.


How to Encourage Brand Loyalty

How to Encourage Brand Loyalty With a Dynamite Customer Experience

How many times have you heard that the future is all about customer care; and how often have you wondered if you’re doing it right? Customer care may be one of the most important things you master while growing your business. Download our white paper to learn everything about building an amazing customer experience.


Creative Services Outsourcing Personiv

Creative Services Outsourcing: Is it the Right Choice for Your Business?

As a creative services company, building brands through graphics, print and multimedia is what you do, and as you grow, so does the need to scale your team. Find out how outsourcing with a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company could be the ultimate solution for quick scale, quality design and increased production.


Outsourcing Provider

Switching Providers: What To Do When Your Outsourcing Provider Isn’t Working Out

When your BPO firm isn’t working out, it can have serious consequences. By missing targets, leaving customers dissatisfied or losing key talent, your BPO firm could be negatively affecting your success. Download our FREE white paper to find out how to switch providers without sacrificing, time, cost or quality.