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Top Points to Consider Before Outsourcing Digital Strategy

As you know, a strong digital strategy is vital to today’s business environment. From online presence and digital advertising to SEM and SEO, going digital is the only way to excel, grow and succeed. In fact, the rapid development in the field of technology and online media has made it necessary for businesses to focus on digital more than ever before.

All You Need to Know About Outsourcing Your Digital Tasks and Strategy

If you want your business to prosper in the current era of digital transformation, you need to make comprehensive use of all relevant digital channels available and bring it all together with a strategy that succeeds. Don’t be mistaken into thinking digital is a one-time project. Rather, it is an ongoing process that is hard-to-ignore. Plus, considering the speed at which digital is spreading its reach, we can rightly claim that digital is here to stay.

Getting started can be difficult. Read on to find how to address common problems with digital strategy creation and why outsourcing your digital tasks could be the best option.

digital services done right

Common Problems Faced When Taking the First Leap in Outsourcing Your Digital Strategy and Tasks

Even after agreeing to the fact that setting your business in the digital forefront is important, there may be concerns holding you back from getting started. Whether it’s the lack of talent, knowledge or just the difficulty of getting started, starting to plan your digital tactics can be overwhelming. Below are a few of the issues you may be facing:

You need to increase your team

Your present business tasks are likely already distributed among your present employees, leaving no room for additional duties.

Asking one of your current employees to quickly learn a new skill and implement them on the digital channels would be too much to ask. It takes a significant amount of time to learn the nitty-gritty of how digital platforms function.

Not to mention, hiring a new team to take care of digital comes with its own headaches from talent acquisition, cost and structure standpoint.

Your digital knowledge is out-of-date

While many marketing teams are adept at technology including digital, the landscape changes so often that your current employees might not be up-to-date on the latest digital tactics.

Not only that, but if they are not as digital-savvy, to begin with, or lack knowledge of the newest best practices, you may not get the desired results. With the updates and transformation that take place in the digital mediums all the time, even experienced marketers may not be able to keep up.

And certainly, a novice would have difficulty applying the strategies right away.

Starting from scratch takes time you don’t have

Starting to draft a digital strategy from scratch is intensive, often altering your entire approach. Plus, the time it takes to create a strategy can keep other important initiatives on the back burner. Not to mention, the further job of getting the strategies incorporated and implemented is a tough task.

Even though businesses face these challenges, many still decide to go forward with an in-house digital team.

The Truth About Forming an In-house Team

Forming an in-house team to fulfill digital needs is one way to go, and something many companies often attempt to build. However, some find that their efforts are unsuccessful for a variety of reasons.

Changing your company culture

Building a new team involves a rampant disruption in your company’s culture. Digital professionals are creative and flexible. They might not be accustomed to your current structured work environment and getting used to your fixed work schedule will be difficult for them.

Hiring a team

Hiring takes time and with digital team members, the process comes with added complexity. If your recruiting team is not well-versed with the basics of digital marketing, they will have a hard time screening digital marketers. In terms of compensation, the demand for digital experts is on the rise and therefore can cost more than anticipated.

Retaining top talent

Even the best of the best companies have a hard time retaining their talent. Digital media professionals are in huge demand these days and it is extremely difficult to keep them intact in your company.

Every employee aspires to grow with time and digital marketers are no exception. Ask yourself – will you be able to chart a growing career path for the digital professionals you want to hire? If not, you may be handling the challenge of high attrition and constant hiring.

The good news is that you can outsource your digital tasks to a verified external partner who will join forces with you and help escalate your business. Sounds like a plan? But again, there are key points to ponder over before zeroing on your digital strategy partner.

choosing a digital outsourcing provider

Choosing a Digital Outsourcing Provider as Part of Your Strategy

The world of digital is enormously widespread including everything from search engine optimization, social media marketing, search engine marketing, website development, content writing, keyword research and more.

For a single company to be an expert in all the fields is next to impossible. Follow our step-by-step guide to ensure a successful digital outsourcing relationship.

1. To begin with, write down precisely the digital services you need and would want to outsource.

Do an accounting of what services you actually need and which can wait. Many digital firms claim to do it all, but haven’t actually performed all the tasks you may need. Here is a quick reference of tasks that many clients outsource in the digital sphere:

  • Website design/development
  • Social Campaign management
  • PPC
  • Social Media Profile Management
  • Content
  • SEO
  • Keyword Management
  • Photo Retouching
  • Digital ad creation

The process of hiring a digital media service agency is similar to recruiting an individual. The agency or company you are planning to partner with for outsourcing digital services should be highly experienced. The core strength of the company should be concentrated into the particular branch of services you need.

2. Focus heavily on reviews, testimonials, and references – including those from employees.

Start by asking for their portfolios or past works and in the meantime run a check through social channels. Check out the firm’s reputation online, including testimonials from previous clients. Don’t be afraid to ask for a few current or past clients that can vouch for the success of the provider’s strategy in digital.

Go through the review websites and read what their ex-employees have to say about their experience.

Associating with a company having a high attrition rate is a risky affair. The employee testimonial section speaks volumes about the company culture.

The comments from the employees will give you a chance to understand about the work life of the outsourcing firm.

3. Meet with the firm face-to-face and get to know the capabilities of their team members.

No matter how big a company is, you should always try to delve deep interact with the professionals who will be taking care of your tasks. After all, it is the people who make or break a company. It is advisable to have a face-to-face interaction with the account manager and team members who will be responsible for getting your digital tasks executed.

While sifting through the team members of agencies chances are high that you will come across top-notch digital performers. Do not get lured by their profiles and bring them on board right away. Again, take your time to understand if you will really be able to leverage the expertise of the digital experts.

4. Gather proposals and pricing from several partners before you make an informed choice.

When searching for your outsourcing partner, acquire price quotes from a number of companies before making a decision. Go for the one that will profit your business the most without compromising on the quality of work. Cheap is not always profitable.

Your outsourcing partner should also comprise of an efficient recruitment team because millennials of today have a habit for changing jobs often.

You should not be surprised to hear about your account manager’s resignation a couple of months after you hire the digital services outsourcing partner. The capability of finding options and replacing a candidate at break-neck speed is crucial for your business.

Getting Started Outsourcing Digital Strategy + Tasks

Go slow, even after you have vetted all the points from the above section. Start your relationship with the outsourcing company with a short contract. Assign them a small and simple task initially and see how they respond. Probe them on the below-mentioned questions:

  • Are they taking your tasks seriously?
  • Are they easily and quickly approachable?
  • Are you getting the desired results within the deadline?
  • Are they proactive enough and are able to come back with valuable suggestions?
  • Are the account managers amicable enough to take feedback positively?
  • Are you getting the overall impact you hoped for from implementation of your digital strategies?

Once you have completed a successful, pilot you are ready to roll with your new digital strategy. Always ensure that you keep your provider accountable with regular reports, monthly stats and quarterly reviews.

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If you are looking for to hire an outsourcing team to manage your digital strategy and execution, consider Personiv. Personiv has the skills, determination, and experience to help you set your foot in the digital world firmly.

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