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Select a job title from the drop-down menu and enter the standard salary of the role to understand the savings personiv can provide with a highly skilled, gaap-compliant accounting professional dedicated exclusively to your team and processes.

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*Employee burden is the average estimate of indirect labor-related spend including benefits, perks and payroll costs. We estimate this at 30%. If you cost differs, fill it out in the box above.
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Because Personiv finds, trains and retains your new team member, what you save with one of our solutions isn’t only measurable in dollars.

If you can clear all of these hurdles, you still have to contend with the fact that 33 percent of employees look for a new job within 6 months of their hire date, and 23 percent will leave before their first work anniversary, effectively resetting an employer’s clock.

Taken together, these numbers represent a massive time investment and opportunity cost. Why spend either on transactional roles that need to be filled over and over again? Your time is better spent on strategy, and Personiv can help you reclaim it.


Now that you know how much you can save, it’s time to plan what to do with the cost savings, and how to apply the benefits of outsourcing to your organization.

Take a look at our downloadable Finance & Accounting Outsourcing Implementation Worksheet to how to determine which tasks to outsource and what to keep in-house, how to use the process-strategy matrix to work through core competencies and how to start outsourcing with your team. Ready to talk through all this with one our outsourcing expert? Fill out the form below and we will get back to you right away.

For a cost containment strategy that supports long-term growth, finance leaders have to look to the numbers. stewarding an organization’s assets requires a long-term view and a fair bit of precision.

CFOs and other finance leaders are tasked with finding and creating cost-savings that are significant enough to create growth reinvestment opportunities. The interactive calculator below will help you zoom out for a big picture view of the real-world cost savings available to you when you partner with Personiv. Outsourcing transactional finance and accounting tasks will allow you to fully capitalize on value-added activities.

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