Cybersecurity Measures at Personiv

Cybersecurity at personiv Information Security Policy Personiv has established a robust Information Security Policy to secure its Information Systems. It provides a framework to protect computers, networks and sensitive information from cyber-attacks. Information security policies also outline the action to be taken in order to preserve Personiv’s critical information and information processing facilities from unknown … Continued

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back office team

Scaling Quickly: How to Build Back Office Teams Fast

A strong back office team is the key to ensuring customer satisfaction, team efficiency and a successful foundation to any business. After all, it is the back-office team that primarily takes care of functions like settlements, clearances, regulatory compliance, record maintenance, accounting, and IT and networking services. On a general note, the front office staff … Continued

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outsourcing to India

Outsourcing to India: Everything You Need to Know

With the increasing cost of talent and rapid expansion of businesses, companies across the globe are inclined to reap the benefits of outsourcing. And although the outsourcing industry is being embraced by companies across industries it is crucial to understand which places across the world are best suited to outsource work. According to a recent … Continued

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Personiv Automation

The Automation Era: Will Accounting Teams Become Obsolete?

Businesses today are undergoing rapid transformation with advancement in the world of technology and communication. Finance and accounting departments across the globe are exploring the current automation options to carry out numerous tasks which were once done manually while robots are revolutionizing the role of the accounting professional. But with all this automation, where do … Continued

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The truth about call centers

The Truth About Call Centers: Can Outsourcing Help Your Bottom Line?

Call Center: The term often draws up images of rows of cubicles and low ceilings, but despite what you may have heard in the past, call centers are now ultra-modern, cost-effective and all-around a great solution to your customer care needs. In fact, they are often the go-to choice for U.S. customer care leaders looking … Continued

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Giving Back: How Focusing on Service Pays Off In The Long Run

Giving Back: How Focusing on Service Pays Off In The Long Run

Giving back has become one of those catchphrases you hear more and more in our modern workplaces, but how does giving back actually affect organizations in the long run? Glad you asked. Many organizations want to give back to their communities but maybe haven’t had the time or been able to make the effort to … Continued

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how to Increase Customer Referrals

How to Increase Your Customer Referrals

More than 2 million brand-related conversations take place (online & offline) in the United States daily. With no shortage of online channels for customers to relay their experience, they are more vocal than ever before. What’s more: two out of every three consumers rely on feedback from family and friends to make their final buying … Continued

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Personiv customer experience

Customer Experience in 2019

Taking care of customers has always been considered to be a crucial aspect of your business, and it continues to be the same today. After all, they are the reason why businesses remain afloat and eventually flourish. But with so many competitors in the market, how will you surge ahead to make your place in … Continued

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Tech Support Business Changes

Everywhere & Always On: How Tech Support is Changing

You may have noticed that customers today want it all: quick answers and detailed explanations, always-on support day or night, and customer care across channels. It’s no different with tech support. Over the years, there have been rampant transitions in the world of tech support as customers demand more. The period of traditional help-desk or … Continued

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Digital Strategy

Managing Your Digital Strategy with an Outsourced Provider

In today’s digital world, your business’ online presence and digital strategy may be one of the most important factors in your success. With the advent of digital platforms, managing a clean and easy-to-access digital presence has become a necessity for businesses regardless of industry, but the planning and implementation is no easy task. Your digital … Continued

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SEO Strategies

Top 6 SEO Strategies to Beat Your Competition

Developing rich content with top SEO strategies can definitely satisfy the search intents of your audience. However, ensuring your audience can find you in the pool of all the content out there, is a tough task. You’ll need to undertake a lot of optimization and amplification to ensure that your well-written content reaches potential customers … Continued

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Staying Organized

Staying Organized at Work: A Busy Leader’s Guide

If you’re like many employees in companies across the country, one of your New Year’s Resolutions this year was to (finally…) get organized at work. So, how’s it going? We made it through month one but staying organized takes concerted effort all year round. Plus, when you’re feeling frazzled, it makes staying organized at work … Continued

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